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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Overview:

Simply, hire an attorney. Navigating the Courts is not a simple task for the unrepresented. Persons can take steps which can cause their case to be dismissed. The more important question is, “what steps should one take at the scene of an automobile collision or injury causing event?” The steps you should take start right after the collision…Read More

Auto Accidents:

Automobile accidents are very common in California, many times resulting in injuries from soft tissue damage to fractures and even paralysis or death. If injured in an auto accident, seek medical care immediately, file a police report, and if possible take pictures of the involved vehicles and get contact info of witnesses…Read More

Motorcycle Accidents:

Motorcycles accidents are very common. While most of these accidents are caused by careless drivers, they are much more dangerous than auto accidents. Many times, motorcycle accidents are so severe that serious medical assistance is required…Read More

Pedestrian Accidents:

Pedestrian accidents see tens of thousands of injuries per year. Especially here in California, where pedestrian accidents cause nearly 2,000 deaths annually. Texting while driving or other forms of distraction such as loud music or rowdy passengers are the main culprits behind most pedestrian injuries…Read More

Premises Liability (slip or trip and fall):

The property owner is responsible for ensuring the safety of those on the premises–this includes both employees and guests or visitors. If you have suffered a slip or trip and fall injury you may be entitled to compensation…Read More

Defective Products:

Spending money and time to buy products that are defective is a real hassle and can be especially stressful. Defective products are usually caused by a careless manufacturer who was not careful enough. Retailers, their suppliers and product designers all may have responsibility of assuring the quality of their products…Read More

Brain Injury (MTBI):

Injuries that change the way one must live their life are traumatic for the whole family. Brain injuries are very serious and can cause devastating disabilities after they occur. It is not easy to tackle paying for medical bills and adapting to a new lifestyle…Read More

Catastrophic Injuries:

Personal injuries can vary in degree. Some are mild and require medical attention for a short amount of time while others call for much more serious medical care and long term treatment. Catastrophic injuries are injuries that involve the spine, spinal cord or brain…Read More

Wrongful Death:

The death of a loved one is difficult to deal with alone, especially if the death has occurred as a result of a another’s negligence. We understand that the grieving process is different for everyone, however we can guarantee that our team is ready to help and counsel you during this tragic event…Read More

Dog Bites:

Dogs are a common find in many households, streets and parks. While these furry four-legged animals are usually sweet, sometimes they bite. Being a victim of a dog bite can be traumatic and create stress and anxiety for the subject of the attack as well as loved ones who may have witnessed it…Read More

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